Monday, 10 July 2017

Impulse Purchasing

At present we are making extensive us of the fact that our daughter walks to and from the station to make her daily journey to the office in Canary Wharf, and so her car is available for us. Obviously this can only be a temporary measure and so this morning we set off to look at what is available. the two main criteria are firstly, that my wife feels happy to drive it, as I gave up driving a couple of years ago, and secondly, that I can get in and out of it relatively easily with my mobility problems. For many years now we have both chosen Peugeots and so the local dealer seemed the best place to start. I had sought advice a while ago as to which model would best accommodate my needs and the 2008 was suggested.My own online research suggested it might be worth looking at the 208 and the 308 as possibly suitable alternatives, so off we went to do some hands on research.
The salesman showed us a 2008 which ticked all of our boxes, including the price we managed to secure, so my wife picks it up on Thursday morning and we shall then once again have our own set of wheels.
I know that's not how you buy a car, but we did.  

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