Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Baby It's Cold Outside

We are promised a daytime high today of -1º here in West Moors, but apart from a few flakes overnight we have so far been spared the heavy and prolonged snowfalls that have plagued the rest of the country, and the sun is shining. So from this relatively fortunate corner I have been amused to watch the reactions of public and utilities alike.
Airports have ground to a halt while snowploughs clear runways and taxiways; train companies cancel services for fear of frozen signals or points; motorways are down to a slithery crawl whilst other roads are awash with vehicles abandoned or sliding treacherously in any direction but the one planned by the driver; hundreds of schools across the land are closed for 'health and safety' reasons.
And what has happened to that characteristic phlegm and pragmatism in the face of adversity? Gone. Vanished. Buried under a mountain of outrage and indignation.
Vox pops on BBC news rage at the incompetence of rail companies curtailing services for snow that never arrives; parents demand to know how they are supposed to get to work if their kids can't go to school, and supermarkets rub their hands as people raid their shelves in case they should get snowed up. I, on the other hand, pressed technology into service; online, I have presented the weekly shopping list to Waitrose and booked a slot on Friday; let them fight through Siberian conditions to feed us, while I stay indoors keeping warm, and if they can't well that's what the fridge/freezer is for - the larder of last resort!
Meanwhile across snowbound, arctic France, Germany, Belgium and the rest - even the Spanish Meseta - people just carry on as usual.
It's ironic that the country that brought the world the Carry On films appears to be the one that can't.

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