Saturday, 21 April 2018

Fresh Fish - And Boquerones En Vinagre

About half an hour away, at the mouth of Christchurch Harbour is Mudeford Quay, on a spit of land with the Channel on one side and the harbour on the other. There’s a large car park, a pub, an RNLI station and a yacht club. Best of all though there is a fish stall selling fish landed that day as well as frozen packs put together from the fresh fish. I love fish and seafood of all kinds, so I was in my element when we drove down there yesterday to enjoy the warm, sunny weather sent up to us from Spain. We bought a couple of dressed crabs to eat last night, plus a pair of proper kippers and some genuine smoked haddock (none of your turmeric yellow ones). These are the kinds of fish I missed all the time we lived in Frigiliana, so I was well pleased.
There’s also one type of fish that I miss now that we don’t live in Frigiliana; boquerones en vinagre con ajo. But there at the other end of the stall were a selection of boquerones and so I just had to buy a couple of hundred grams of them as well.
As General MacArthur famously remarked, I shall return. - You have to be a good age to know about that.

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